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The Maze of Pressure Washers

Most people assume that purchasing pressure washers is a simple matter of going to the store and choosing one, but they do not consider that there are many types and styles of pressure washers that they need to choose from. This decision can be quite a difficult and overwhelming one if you don’t prepare before you visit the store. By learning more about the types of pressure washers that are available, you can choose the right one for you and your needs. What are the differences in pressure washers?

Hot or cold pressure washers This difference is whether you are going to use cold or hot water to do your cleaning. Hot water cleaning is more for areas that are greasy or oily, while cold water cleaning is for other uses. A hot water pressure washer should not be used on surfaces that may be heat sensitive, including plastic, rubber, and some types of paint. Consider where you are going to be using your pressure washer to determine which type that you will need for your particular use.

Pressure differences. A certain amount of pressure is needed to break the bond between the surface of the item that you are cleaning and the dirt or other thing that you are trying to remove. There are many different degrees of pressure available on pressure washers, so you need to find the right one for your use. If you are planning on using a pressure washer for over 20 hours a week or for work, then a higher pressured commercial washer would be a better choice, because it works more efficiently. If you are only going to use it periodically to wash your deck, boats, or other things around your home, then a lower pressured washer may be the right choice for you.

Gas, electric, diesel, and hydraulic pressure washer. The next decision that you will have to make is whether you want a gas or electric pressure washer. A gas powered pressure washer is more mobile than an electric pressure washer. It is great for using around the home or other area where you need the added mobility to wash cars, boats, homes, and more. An electric pressure washer is a good choice for a factory or shop where you are more able to keep it plugged into an electrical source. Diesel pressure washers are more expensive than gas or electric models, but they will also outlast these models, so you will get maximum value for the added expense. A hydraulic pressure washer is a very economical choice that is both light and efficient to use.

How do you use pressure washers? Are they hard to use? The main goal when using pressure washers is to break the bond between the surface and the dirt. This process is made quicker and more efficient by using a pressure washer. The combination of the pressure, water flow, and detergent can help to break the bond between the surface of the item and dirt. You are letting the machine do the work for you, rather than you having to scrub a surface to get it clean. That is the best part of a power washer. From using it on cars, houses, boats, decks, and other surfaces, you can help to clean the surface or to prepare it for paint or other treatment. Let one of the many different types of pressure washers work for you. You will be glad you did.

Pressure Washer Pump: Types and Replacement

The water pump is considered as the most important part of any pressure washer, whether electric or gas-powered. The pressure washer pump adds pressure to the water it receives from the garden hose. It then sends this high-pressure water out in terms of PSI (pounds per square inch), which does the cleaning of the surface. Water pumps are generally durable and last long even for prolong use, which means repair or replacement is not frequently needed. In fact, most pressure washer problems are not because of a malfunctioning water pump.

A pressure washer pump consists of a crankcase or housing that is attached to the motor and a manifold. To pump out the water from the source and to send it out through the wand and spray gun, the pump has water inlet, check valves, and outlet valves. To make sure the pump is running well, the type of pump oil used should be correct. The oil level should also be just above the inside parts of the water pump. If the pump needs to be replaced, an exact match should be used as replacement. A pump with higher PSI and GPM (gallons per minute) can damage the hose and the pressure washer.

Types of Pressure Washer Pumps

Once the pump stops working, it is not always necessary to purchase a new pressure washer. In most cases, if the other parts of the machine are still in good working condition, replacing the pump is highly recommended because it is lot cheaper than buying a new pressure washer. There are three types of pumps, but not all of them are replaceable.

  • Wobble water pumps – Usually used on basic models or homeowner machines, such pumps are cheap but have poor quality. A wobble pump consists of an offset plate with several pistons pushing against it that causes the pump to wobble. However, it is only around 70% efficient because of the piston spring resistance on every stroke. Besides the fact such pumps usually last around 300 working hours only, they are not replaceable. They are not also suitable for frequent users.
  • Axial cam water pumps – This type of pump is much more powerful and reliable than wobble because they have larger bearings and oil tanks reservoirs. This allows them to generate more PSI and GPM, and therefore run more efficiently than wobble pumps. Despite have a design similar to a wobble pump, an axial pump can last for about 600-700 hours before service is required. However, they are still not that efficient for heavy duty jobs because of piston spring resistance.
  • Triplex plunger pumps – This type has the highest quality among all types of pumps, but is the most expensive. Triplex pumps are designed for prolong and frequent heavy duty cleaning tasks. Repair of triplex pumps is easy and require less cost. However, repair can be frequent because of its ability to maintain pressure, which can also lose its momentum in the long run.

Briggs & Stratton 202274GS Pressure Washer Pump Assembly

The Briggs & Stratton 202274GS pump for pressure washers is manufactured by Annovi Reverberi and is compatible with many models and brands of pressure washers. This axial pump, which is an upgraded version of the Briggs & Stratton 200303GS pump, is made from steel and has stainless steel plungers. All its parts are genuine. Its maximum pumping speed is 3,400 RPM, while its maximum discharge pressure is 2,400 PSI. The water inlet port measures ¾” (garden hose) and the output port is 22 mm. The shaft diameter is 7/8” (Hollow), and the maximum volume capacity is 2.2 GPM.

This Briggs & Stratton pump assembly is designed for easy installation. To install, remove the old pump, line up the rectangular steel “key” on the shaft with the slot on the new pump. Then, press on and secure the pump to the bottom of the unit by aligning the three bolt holes and bold them. This pump is completely sealed and pre lubricated, so no oiling is required during installation as long as the shaft is clean. However, some of those people who bought this pump claim that removal of the old pump can be hard because the existing nuts and bolts are in Metric, not English.

Among its key features include a built-in unloader and chemical injector, along with a built-in easy start valve. Weighing 6.45 pounds, the product comes with oil and an operation manual that has detailed explanation of its usage. No technical expertise is required for users. However, some users claim that installation needs help during the removal of the old pump. Nevertheless, the price is reasonable, especially if it is compared with the price of a new pressure washer.

How to Identify Pressure Washers with Quality Construction and Components

When it comes to cleaning commercial and industrial settings, nothing works better than pressure washers. In addition to being effective and efficient, pressure washing machines greatly speed up the cleaning process. Best of all, since they generate highly pressurized water, pressure cleaning equipment are powerful enough to eliminate the toughest stains and grime from a variety of surfaces.

However, to ensure that pressure washing machines continue to function in top condition for years, you must be careful to purchase ones with high quality components. Pressure washing machines from top manufacturers feature top-grade components that have proven to withstand heavy-duty applications.

The one important factor that people look out for while purchasing pressure washers is mobility, a vital aspect if the area to be cleaned is quite large – like an industrial setting or a parking lot. If you are interested in mobile pressure washer, do check out how good its wheeled configurations are and if the wheels are strong enough to manage rough use. Other configurations to consider are truck or trailer mountable configurations for these purposes.

To a great extent, the feature of mobility is affected by the power source. Most pressure washers are powered by gasoline, propane or electricity. Commercial pressure washers powered by electricity are in high demand for use in commercial settings like restaurants as they emit no exhaust and can work at low noise levels. However, since their use is limited to the availability of an electrical outlet, these electric pressure washing machines may not be suitable for outdoor cleaning applications. In such cases, it is best to choose pressure washers that run on gasoline or propane. Since these pressure cleaners do not have to be connected to an electrical supply, they score over their electric counterparts in terms of mobility.

The next crucial aspect is power. To successfully carry out highly challenging cleaning jobs, pressure washers must be exceptionally powerful. For heavy-duty tasks like cleaning off greasy equipment or industrial environments, it would be a good idea to choose industrial pressure washers – particularly steam or hot water versions. Since these pressure washing machines use hot water or super-heated steam, they are able to achieve the functions of cleaning and sanitizing simultaneously.

You must also consider the quality of housing of pressure washers. Only pressure washing machines housed in heavy-duty, powder-coated, chip and chemical resistant steel will be able to stand the test of time. If the housing is composed of sheet metal, low quality plastic or aluminum, it will quickly succumb to wear and tear. So always make sure that your choice of pressure cleaner is made of chemical/chip resistant, powder-coated steel.

In short, you have to consider various details like heavy-duty construction, quality components and guaranteed performance when purchasing a pressure cleaner. To make sure you do not fall for false promises, always buy pressure washers from a reputed company that offers warranties. So, go in search for an established supplier offering quality components, high-performance pressure cleaners and extended warranties.

Make Life Easier With a Mobile Power Washer

Everywhere you go, there is always going to be some type of dirt lingering around near you. Some places have more dirt then others. Unless you live in a controlled bubble or in a place that is specifically designed to not have dirt or anything in it, you are surrounded by dust, dirt, and grime. Some spots have dirt that can easily be removed by a simple swipe of a paper towel, or the gentle squirt of a hose. However, many locations need something a lot more powerful in order to remove the stuck on stains and dirt. A mobile power washer is a great option for trying to combat these annoying dirt spots that are hard to get rid of.

Mobile power washers can be purchased as factory assembled or one can choose to have it custom built. The regular price for a mobile high pressure washer ranges anywhere from about seven thousand dollars to fifteen thousand. They are quite similar to a regular high pressure washer except for one thing. Mobile power washers are- Mobile! They usually are built on the top of a trailer one can hitch to the back of their truck. Many professionals use mobile high pressure washers to clean streets and parking lots in the middle of the night when nobody is really there. So when you go grocery shopping early one Sunday morning and notice the parking lot blinging (clean and sparkling) a mobile power washer was the reason for this cleanliness.

One can choose to have their front or back yard look just as clean with a mobile power washer. Then the cool thing is that one has the option to zip it right over to their grandmother’s home and make her front yard sparkle as well. Having a mobile power washer eliminates the cumbersome task of trying to carry and transport a regular pressure washer around. The wheel was invented to make life easier on the human race, and a mobile power washer was made for he same reason.

Saving Water With High Pressure Cleaners

Firstly it's important to note that high pressure cleaners are much more efficient than garden hoses when cleaning things such as your car, patio, windows and in fact anything else. The figure quoted by the manufacturer after extensive tests shows that the efficiency is somewhere in the region of 90% a figure that surprised many people, including myself.

OK, so that's all well and good but lets look at how these figures where achieved as it's always good to look at the science behind the testing. In controlled tests a high pressure washer was compared against a standard garden hose in the overall flow of water. Measurements where taken over a period of twelve hours with a total of twelve readings being taken. The results when averaged out show that the garden hose used 3500 litres of water per hour whereas the high pressure cleaner used 500 litres of water over the same time period. The difference was to say the least staggering.

So while we have solid evidence that the savings on water alone are massive are there any other savings from using the high pressure washers?

Most modern pressure washers are fitted with an automatic cut off facility. This feature means that the moment the trigger on the washer is released it automatically cuts off the pump motor in the user thus immediately ceasing the flow of water. This not only reduces the total flow of water (most hose pipes do not have this facility and unless turned off at the tap will continue to waste water when not in use) it also reduces wear and tear on the motor and machinery thus extending the life of the motor.

Does this reduction in water usage mean I can use a high pressure washer during a hose pipe ban, for example?

This is a very common question posed over at Power Tool Direct and it's one we have to be honest when answering (of course). The simple answer is that if you choose to use your pressure washer during a hose pipe ban you will still be in contravention of the regulations as laid out by your local council or authority. There are however means and ways which you will be allowed to continue to use your pressure washer in lieu of a hose pipe ban. Some of the pressure washers will work whilst not connected to a a water feed from a standard tap (ie a hose pipe). Using a pump or suitable accessory it is possible to feed the pressure washer from a bucket or water butt although it is important to understand that you must use a filter if the water is not coming from a cleansed source. Such fittings and accessories are freely available to buy on the internet.

A final note would be that by it's very nature using a high pressure washer should mean that you get the job done much quicker than using standard none pressure system thus cutting down the total time the job will take, saving energy, water and more importantly allowing you get on with the fun things in life!

What to consider when buying Gas Power Washers

Buying a power washer is not quite as simple as just buying a Power washer There are choices and those choices should be made depending on your needs and your specific situation. The first decision you will be faced with is buying an electric or a gas power washer. The difference between the two is the electric will not be as big, it will be quieter, easier to handle and it will be easier to maintain. Gas power washers will cost more and they will be much more powerful.

How will you know which one will be best for you depend on what you are planning to do with it? Do you just plan on washing such things as decks, patio furniture, and maybe your car, if so an electric power washer will likely do? If you are considering this purchase because you plan to clean concrete, your roof, or to strip paint then you will surely need the gas power washer.

It isn't really necessary to concern yourself with the power washer's spray or its PSI (Per Square Inch) coverage unless you have intentions to tackle some bigger jobs with it. If you purchase a gas power washer that has 3,000 PSI and plan to just wash your car with it then you should be aware that it will probably take the paint off of your vehicle. However, if you intend to pursue bigger jobs then you may be better off buying a gas power washer to be certain that it can handle the job.

The units that have the most PSI, are designed with the biggest reach, and can be used where no electricity is available are the gas powered washers. These are more industrial; they clean faster, and offer higher performance. Power washers are designed for heavy duty cleaning. They can be used on most any surface including steel, glass, wood, fiber, and concrete. Gas power washers can eliminate grease, dust, grime, and oil.

The power of the unit is dependant on both the pressure and the water volume. Consider that most industrial jobs would require 2,000-3,000 PSI. That may help form a foundation for your decision based on your needs. Next you should determine about how often that you might use your unit. Obviously, a residential user would not utilize their machine as much as a commercial user would so take that into consideration before buying.

Power washers that are designed for residential usage are expected to use less than 100 hours annually. When taking these factors into consideration it is much more likely that you will buy a washer that is best suited for you. Make sure that you buy quality regardless of the style of washer that you will buy. Another thing that is good to check out is the cost and availability of Pressure washer parts and accessories down the line.

The advantage of buying gas is there is no need for electricity, more power, you will use less time and effort to do the job and they last a lot longer. On the down side they do usually require more maintenance, they are louder and heavier, and can only be used outdoors.

Tips on Using Power Washers

Power washers are mechanical devices used for cleaning mud, dirt and the like.

A power washer is a mechanical device that uses pressurized water to eliminate grime, mold, mud, dirt and dust from objects and surfaces like vehicles, buildings, and concrete road surfaces. The most basic power washer consists of a trigger gun, high pressure hose and a motor that directly drives a water pump.

A pressure washer is a powerful mechanical device that has high pressure water systems fit for several household jobs. It is great for cleaning your patio or driveway, washing your car and it is also used for cleaning windows.

There are two kinds of pressure washers available in the market: electric model and gas model. The electric power washer is great for cleaning small surface areas like grills, cars and even windows. It is very portable and affordable.

Gas pressure washers, on the other hand, are more powerful. These pressure washers are used in cleaning big areas such as the outside of your home, driveways, your deck and so much more. You can clean these parts with the slightest effort.

An industrial power washer is deemed as the most durable model. Industrial power washers are powerful when cleaning out the toughest stains from different surfaces like concrete, metal, painted surfaces and so much more.

When choosing a power washer there are things you need to consider. Check the water pump, trigger gun, drive motor, and the hose. You also need to check the nozzle.

Using power washers in your home can really save you some time to do other tasks. It can also help you strip-off the old paint, clean your deck and patio. You can even use it to clean you car regularly.

When using a power washer, first inspect the area you need to wash. Remove loose decorative items, furniture, or anything that can possibly be damaged. If you are using pressure washers, check for loose sidings, crevasses, or cracks that can haul water inside.

Consider using a type of soap or detergent that is particularly designed for power washers. This is significant if you are washing areas with animals, jeans or children.

Do not run the power washer without a water supply because it can damage the motor.

Test the power washer at inconspicuous area before going with the rest of the project. Choose the right nozzle that is suitable for the job. Adjustable nozzles are the best choice.

A brush attachment in power washers can help loosen ground in grime as well as caked-on dirt. Do not spray directly on plants, electrical boxes, vents, windows or light fixtures because the water pressure could damage them.

It is advisable to wear safety glasses or goggles in order to protect your eyes from flying debris.

When cleaning sidings, make sure that you point your power washers downwards. This is to prevent any water from going underneath or to accidentally break the sidings.

Spray back and front, not up and down. You can begin at the top and work downwards in order to avoid streaks.

Squeeze the power washer trigger before storing the washer in order to reduce pressure inside the hose.