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What to consider when buying Gas Power Washers

Buying a power washer is not quite as simple as just buying a Power washer There are choices and those choices should be made depending on your needs and your specific situation. The first decision you will be faced with is buying an electric or a gas power washer. The difference between the two is the electric will not be as big, it will be quieter, easier to handle and it will be easier to maintain. Gas power washers will cost more and they will be much more powerful.

How will you know which one will be best for you depend on what you are planning to do with it? Do you just plan on washing such things as decks, patio furniture, and maybe your car, if so an electric power washer will likely do? If you are considering this purchase because you plan to clean concrete, your roof, or to strip paint then you will surely need the gas power washer.

It isn't really necessary to concern yourself with the power washer's spray or its PSI (Per Square Inch) coverage unless you have intentions to tackle some bigger jobs with it. If you purchase a gas power washer that has 3,000 PSI and plan to just wash your car with it then you should be aware that it will probably take the paint off of your vehicle. However, if you intend to pursue bigger jobs then you may be better off buying a gas power washer to be certain that it can handle the job.

The units that have the most PSI, are designed with the biggest reach, and can be used where no electricity is available are the gas powered washers. These are more industrial; they clean faster, and offer higher performance. Power washers are designed for heavy duty cleaning. They can be used on most any surface including steel, glass, wood, fiber, and concrete. Gas power washers can eliminate grease, dust, grime, and oil.

The power of the unit is dependant on both the pressure and the water volume. Consider that most industrial jobs would require 2,000-3,000 PSI. That may help form a foundation for your decision based on your needs. Next you should determine about how often that you might use your unit. Obviously, a residential user would not utilize their machine as much as a commercial user would so take that into consideration before buying.

Power washers that are designed for residential usage are expected to use less than 100 hours annually. When taking these factors into consideration it is much more likely that you will buy a washer that is best suited for you. Make sure that you buy quality regardless of the style of washer that you will buy. Another thing that is good to check out is the cost and availability of Pressure washer parts and accessories down the line.

The advantage of buying gas is there is no need for electricity, more power, you will use less time and effort to do the job and they last a lot longer. On the down side they do usually require more maintenance, they are louder and heavier, and can only be used outdoors.