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Saving Water With High Pressure Cleaners

Firstly it's important to note that high pressure cleaners are much more efficient than garden hoses when cleaning things such as your car, patio, windows and in fact anything else. The figure quoted by the manufacturer after extensive tests shows that the efficiency is somewhere in the region of 90% a figure that surprised many people, including myself.

OK, so that's all well and good but lets look at how these figures where achieved as it's always good to look at the science behind the testing. In controlled tests a high pressure washer was compared against a standard garden hose in the overall flow of water. Measurements where taken over a period of twelve hours with a total of twelve readings being taken. The results when averaged out show that the garden hose used 3500 litres of water per hour whereas the high pressure cleaner used 500 litres of water over the same time period. The difference was to say the least staggering.

So while we have solid evidence that the savings on water alone are massive are there any other savings from using the high pressure washers?

Most modern pressure washers are fitted with an automatic cut off facility. This feature means that the moment the trigger on the washer is released it automatically cuts off the pump motor in the user thus immediately ceasing the flow of water. This not only reduces the total flow of water (most hose pipes do not have this facility and unless turned off at the tap will continue to waste water when not in use) it also reduces wear and tear on the motor and machinery thus extending the life of the motor.

Does this reduction in water usage mean I can use a high pressure washer during a hose pipe ban, for example?

This is a very common question posed over at Power Tool Direct and it's one we have to be honest when answering (of course). The simple answer is that if you choose to use your pressure washer during a hose pipe ban you will still be in contravention of the regulations as laid out by your local council or authority. There are however means and ways which you will be allowed to continue to use your pressure washer in lieu of a hose pipe ban. Some of the pressure washers will work whilst not connected to a a water feed from a standard tap (ie a hose pipe). Using a pump or suitable accessory it is possible to feed the pressure washer from a bucket or water butt although it is important to understand that you must use a filter if the water is not coming from a cleansed source. Such fittings and accessories are freely available to buy on the internet.

A final note would be that by it's very nature using a high pressure washer should mean that you get the job done much quicker than using standard none pressure system thus cutting down the total time the job will take, saving energy, water and more importantly allowing you get on with the fun things in life!