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The Maze of Pressure Washers

Most people assume that purchasing pressure washers is a simple matter of going to the store and choosing one, but they do not consider that there are many types and styles of pressure washers that they need to choose from. This decision can be quite a difficult and overwhelming one if you don’t prepare before you visit the store. By learning more about the types of pressure washers that are available, you can choose the right one for you and your needs. What are the differences in pressure washers?

Hot or cold pressure washers This difference is whether you are going to use cold or hot water to do your cleaning. Hot water cleaning is more for areas that are greasy or oily, while cold water cleaning is for other uses. A hot water pressure washer should not be used on surfaces that may be heat sensitive, including plastic, rubber, and some types of paint. Consider where you are going to be using your pressure washer to determine which type that you will need for your particular use.

Pressure differences. A certain amount of pressure is needed to break the bond between the surface of the item that you are cleaning and the dirt or other thing that you are trying to remove. There are many different degrees of pressure available on pressure washers, so you need to find the right one for your use. If you are planning on using a pressure washer for over 20 hours a week or for work, then a higher pressured commercial washer would be a better choice, because it works more efficiently. If you are only going to use it periodically to wash your deck, boats, or other things around your home, then a lower pressured washer may be the right choice for you.

Gas, electric, diesel, and hydraulic pressure washer. The next decision that you will have to make is whether you want a gas or electric pressure washer. A gas powered pressure washer is more mobile than an electric pressure washer. It is great for using around the home or other area where you need the added mobility to wash cars, boats, homes, and more. An electric pressure washer is a good choice for a factory or shop where you are more able to keep it plugged into an electrical source. Diesel pressure washers are more expensive than gas or electric models, but they will also outlast these models, so you will get maximum value for the added expense. A hydraulic pressure washer is a very economical choice that is both light and efficient to use.

How do you use pressure washers? Are they hard to use? The main goal when using pressure washers is to break the bond between the surface and the dirt. This process is made quicker and more efficient by using a pressure washer. The combination of the pressure, water flow, and detergent can help to break the bond between the surface of the item and dirt. You are letting the machine do the work for you, rather than you having to scrub a surface to get it clean. That is the best part of a power washer. From using it on cars, houses, boats, decks, and other surfaces, you can help to clean the surface or to prepare it for paint or other treatment. Let one of the many different types of pressure washers work for you. You will be glad you did.